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Balloon Weights/Mylar Foil sheets

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18" x 30"


15 Gram Asst. Primary Weights sold in 100's

2-50 - 15 Gram Primary Assorted Color/Shape Fun Weights #457718


15 Gram Smiley Weightssold in 100s

2-50 - 15 gram Assorted color Smiley Shape Fun Weights #463618


15gram Asst. Clip-Type Weights with ribbonsold in 200

4-50-15 gram Assorted Color Clip-Type Weights with Ribbon #410002


16 gram Asst. Color Jumbo Clip-N-Weights

50-16 gram Assorted Color Jumbo Clip-N-Weights #CNW16PR


30-gram Clip-N-Weight

‘Diamond Clear’ high-impact plastic gives the 30-gram Clip-N-Weight® a very upscale look. Easily allows display of balloons around any retail store without special fixtures. Keeps the focus on the balloon because it BLENDS in to any background! Holds down all sizes of Bubbles™. Keeps Bubbles™ and foils from floating away. Can be clipped to children’s clothing without damaging the fabric. Can be used to clip multiple helium-filled balloons together for safe transport. Can be used for sealing snack bags after the life of the balloon.

CNW30CLR Clear 25CT No Tab Or Ribbon

60 Gram Red Hearts

10-60gram Red Heart Shape Balloon Weights #DSBHRED60


60 Grams Lite Weight

60-gram Lite Heavy Balloon Weights™ features & benefits… Large loop for easy tying of ribbons. 3-Dimensional, raised quality look, which eliminates the cookie-cutter look of many weights on the market. Sharp colors to compliment all types of balloons. Assorted primary red, blue and yellow colors; assorted pastel pink, turquoise and yellow colors and all red hearts. Three popular designs, Hearts, Stars, and Smile-Faces. 60-gram weights are excellent for holding down four helium-filled 11? Latex or one 30? Foil Balloon. Great for hanging on displays. May be used as a toy for small children after the life of the balloon. Re-usable.


8 gram Asst Primary Clip-N-Weights

100-8 gram Assorted Primary Color Clip-N-Weights #CNW8PT


8 gram Asst. Color pastel Premium Balloon Weight

100-8 gram Asst Color/Shape Premium Pastel Weights BW8PT


8 gram Asst. Hearts

100 - 8 Gram Red, White & Pink Heart Shaped Fun Weights #409872


8 gram Asst. Pastel Clip-N-Weights

100-8 gram Assorted Pastel Color Clip-N-Weights CNW8PT


76 Items Page: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  See All

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